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Fuzhou to Extend No-honking Zone
April 20, 2018
No honking zone

Fuzhou seeks to tighten the law restricting honk use from May 1st by bring a larger area under the ban.  Actually, Fuzhou has had a restriction law for nearly 6 years (since July 2012),  which stipulates that drivers of motor vehicles may not lay on their horns within the 3rd Ring Road plus the Wusibei/Xindian (五四北/新店) area.

From May 1, the ban will go to the 3rd Ring Road itself,  all of its side roads (which run parallel to the Ring) and the ramp connectors. Violators will face fines of 20 yuan or verbal warnings.  To make sure the law is reinforced,  Fuzhou Traffic Police are deploying a new computerized system that employs high tech to automatically detect offenders with high accuracy.

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