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18 Creeks Park – Day Trips from Fuzhou (4)
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October 20, 2014
18 Creek
By David Hemmer

If you are planning to visit Fuzhou during the summer then you better be prepared to find ways to keep yourself cool. And there’s no better way than to head out to one of the many mountain area parks.

Many people often consider places such as Gu Shan, The Forest Park or Qi Shan. But thanks to laowai grapevine I now have a new place to chill.

Location of 18 in relation to Fuzhou

Location of 18 in relation to Fuzhou

The 18 creeks park (Shi Ba Chong Xi/十八重溪)

This place rocks compared to the other places I’ve been to thus far. I recommend it to anyone looking for a cool mountainside walk and a dip.

Located in Nantong Town, the park is only about 20 Kilometers from the city by car. Just on the south end of the 3rd south ring road.

This gem of a getaway has unsurpassed scenery in addition to its fresh running mountain water. The deeper ponds are suitable for swimming with depths up to 10 meters. Bring your goggles along to enjoy the nice clear underwater views. If you don’t have any, don’t sweat it. You can pick up new ones inside the park for around 30 rmb but you can negotiate that price.

Getting there is a bit of a hassle if you don’t have a car. I often have gotten rides on the back of my friend’s moped but I discovered that public transportation does exist. Buses can drop you near and a quick motorcycle taxi ride for 20 rmb is all that’s required.(See directions).

Swimming is allowed in designated areas but you can swim in a few other spots.

Please be mindful of things. Meaning, don’t be a fool and do things to get us banned. It also will be good if you buy drinks as well inside the park.

Entrance fee:

As of 2014 the entrance ticket is 30 RMB and is well worth it. The park has fewer visitors during the weekday and that makes for a lovely day of short hikes and hanging around in the various pools you will find.


The park has a few restaurants. And I have yet to eat at them but you can bring your own food if you wish. I think this is actually better. (note: We often stop at Carl’s Junior in Cangshan Wanda for burgers to go!)

You can also barbecue at the designated spots around the park. Please be mindful of fires and use the BBQ pits. Check with park officials about the details.


The park is very clean. In my opinion, the water here is cleaner than anything I have seen around. One of the main reasons I’ll go out of my way to visit this place frequently.

Please respect nature and take your garbage out with you or just deposit it in the garbage bins that you can easily find all around. 

The tranquility and beauty of 18 creek park

The tranquility and beauty of 18 creek park


The park was once much larger but part of it was washed out during one of the many floods that has happened in Fuzhou. So about 50% of the park is closed off to tourists. These places are not safe to walk around in.

A group of hikers were going on the closed parts of the park and they got stranded up on one of the mountains. Fortunately for them, the military was able to be contacted and came in to help them get out.

Don’t go sticking your hands or feet under rocks. You never know what little critters are around.

Pay attention to the path you are walking on. There are parts of the path which do not have guardrails.


There are plenty of birds, bugs, butterflies and other types of life which you’d expect to find.

We have seen frogs that are most likely poisonous so be mindful where you are stepping.

We were informed by locals there that the park also has some snakes but I never saw any.

Hours of operation:

8:00-18:00 – But the gate is open late for those you stay at the hotels inside or late visitors.

Phones: (Chinese language service only) 2224-8092    2221-3630


  • Various ponds for swimming
  • Friday the 13th style Crystal Lake abandoned campground. Kinda cool!!
  • Cool waterfall
  • Rock Scrambling
  • Foliage
  • Wildlife
  • Hotels
  • Eats and drinks
  • Fresh air

 What to bring:

  • Charged cell phone
  • Foods
  • Sunglasses
  • Good shoes
  • Light colored clothing
  • Swimming gear
  • Plenty of cash
  • Bug repellant if you wish
  • Flashlight
  • Good attitude 🙂

Local area business:

  • Parking for cars and bikes available. I believe it may be free to park.
  • Hotels – Prices vary but over 100 and those are not very good.
  • Restaurants – Did not eat here yet.
  • Stores – Drinks and snacks


  • Buses:   If you are unclear on how to go then please contact FEX for help. Or bring a Chinese friend with you.

This is a pain in the ass but here it is

Get to Cangshan Wanda(Cangshang Wanda Guang Cheng) anyway you can

Take bus 165 (Going South) to get to XiaYu Yuan (4-5 stops away.)

Bus Stop: 夏雨苑 Xia Yu Yuan (meaning summer rain garden fyi)

Bus Stop: 夏雨苑 Xia Yu Yuan (meaning summer rain garden fyi)

Stay there and transfer to bus 138

Get off at luo zhou cun (11 stops)


Bus Stop: Luo Zhou Cun (meaning Luo Zhou village fyi)

Bus Stop: Luo Zhou Cun (meaning Luo Zhou village fyi)

Stand there and find a motorcycle taxi

A nice-looking motor bike driver

A nice-looking motor bike driver

Tell them you want to go to Shi Ba Chong Xi

Tell him 20 rmb(2014 prices)

Get his phone number for return ride

Get off at the gate

The Gate of Shi Ba Chong Xi (18 Creek Park)

The Gate of Shi Ba Chong Xi (18 Creek Park)

Pay the motorcycle guy

Buy your ticket and have fun!!!

Buy your ticket and have fun!!!

Buy your ticket and have fun

Be sure to have him meet you by 5pm, the buses are flaky at best.

  • Driving:

Have a good look at your GPS or online for a direct way.

The best is probably coming over Wanbian Bridge into the southern park of the city.

This is going to be messy so you figure it out since you have a car


This park generally blows away other places I have visited in Fuzhou. There is more to do than other locations.

If you are anything like me and enjoy nature then this place is for you. The quantity of carbon you will breathe will bring a balanced mind and body. Bringing the spirit along for the ride.

Summers in Fuzhou are brutally hot. It is best not to be out under the sun between 11am to 2pm. But if you like this then you’ll find that from June-October you have a place to cool off   and enjoy the earth again.

If you are interested in more information about this place or anything else in Fuzhou, hit me or any FEX staff and we’ll be happy to help you.


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