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1st Digital China Summit to Kick Off in Fuzhou April 22-24
April 14, 2018
Digital China Summit 2018 (Fuzhou)

The 1st Digital China Summit will be a three-day mega event at Fuzhou Strait International Conference and Exhibition Center, and the timing of the Summit is considered to correspond with the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up (1978-2018), which initiated the country’s economic miracle since 1978.

Fei Lin the deputy mayor of Fuzhou used a simple word ‘big’ to describe the scale of the event, and the organizing committee gave a few figures to have the idea substantiated.

So the Summit will use an indoor space of 42,000 SQ Meters (size of 119 basketball courts, OR 6 standard soccer pitches), around 850 attendees from gov’t agencies (16 of them), SOE’s (from 22 provinces) and Chinese digital giants (think Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, JD, Meituan and Didi etc) are invited to participate, and 1,070 volunteers are recruited (out of over 6,000 applicants) to keep things in order.

  • According to the committee, Digital China Summit will focus on the following 4 broad agendasGovernment officials to make important policy announcement about China’s digital industry.
  • Demonstrate what China has achieved on ‘E-Government’ and ‘E-Commerce’ in the last 6 years via an expo
  • Symposiums involving government officials, industry leaders and reps from SOE’s
  • Identify contractors for 402 high-end e-commerce/e-government projects with a total investment of 361.4 billion yuan (or 55.6 billion USD).

China is in the process of pushing forward “smart government”, which is to improve government service by cutting through red tape through use of cutting-edge electronic information technologies.  Taking advantage of the expo opportunity, a total of 30 smart government ‘model projects’ across the country will be on display.  The deputy mayor told reporters that the National Development and Reform Commission will also take the opportunity of the Summit to unveil certain details of new policies on China’s digital economy.  MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) will announce a guideline for the construction of ‘5G Infrastructure’, and MOA (Ministry of Agriculture) will lead a discussion on how China’s rural areas could benefit from what China has achieved on digital economy.  The Fuzhou municipal government will publicize 7 concrete measures to boost local digital endeavors.

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