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Bai Shui Yang – Day Trips from Fuzhou (8)
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January 5, 2017
Bai Shui Yang

In Fujian, Bai Shui Yang (白水洋, meaning white water ocean) is absolutely a tourist must for people coming from all over the world.  Situated in Pingnan County of Ningde City in northern Fujian, it used to take 3-4 hours to get there. But as the infrastructure improves, it takes about 2.5 hours drive to arrive at this wonderful tourist resort. The closest high speed train station is Gutian, which is 100 kg away from the resort. Bai Shui Yang  is a scenic highlight in northern Fujian which is often overlooked by foreign tourists.

As part of Yuan Yang Xi (鸳鸯溪) tourist area, Bai Shui Yang is one of the four great wonders constructing the broader resort areas. Bai Shui Yang is a truly fantastic natural landscape.  Modern geologists can not accurately explain how it’s formed geologically.  Hence, Bai Shui Yang is regarded as the work of God. 

But back to the science, according to an investigation by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China, the three shallow water squares are unique in the world, as confirmed by the geologic experts. They are made of volcanic rocks, and owing to unique tectonic movement, parts of the rocks were penetrated by veins of granite, which in turn created horizontal joints in the riverbed that were eroded flat by flowing water. Though the geologic landscape is not complicated, its origin is quite complex, with no satisfying explanation yet available to this day leading experts to call it the ‘Unique Landscape’ and ‘Riddle of the Universe’. Former secretary of Fujian Province Lu Zhangong once decreed that experts be invited to conduct further investigations, endowing Bai Shui Yang with deeper and richer scientific and cultural connotations.The riverbed of Bai Shui Yang, composed of vast, flat bedrock,  is covered by clear water that doesn’t exceed knee-depth. From the high mountains ringing the area, the whole river looks like a newly plowed field and stretching along the valleys.  There are three so-called Water Squares, the most expansive of which is the size of 4 soccer fields combined. The billowing waves of the stream are stark white and glisten in the sunshine, which is how the area got its name.  The unique conditions at Bai Shui Yang have given rise to a popular local sport known as ‘Vest Rafting’.  Lying down in an inflated life vest and rafting down the fast-moving stream for the length of a footfall pitch sounds like a sport requiring extraordinary skills and bravery, but it is not! Because all potential dangers such as jutting rocks have been removed, it is super safe yet still thrilling.  All it takes is to climb up and walk back along the bank to the start line after each touch-down. However there is the business of renting the life jackets, and when we say business, we mean business – the jackets can run into the hundreds to rent!


Walk on water!

Written by Nick Deng

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