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September 13, 2013
Rick Munitz, the Builder of Boomatang

Interview with Rick Munitz, the Builder of Boomatang

Nick: Hey mate, great to hear back from you!

Rick: Hi Nick, I’m so happy your site is being developed. I’m sure it will be able to help many foreigners understand and appreciate where they have landed.

Nick: Thanks man, so Boomatang is an epitome of that appreciation and giving back. Let’s start from the name. Why Boomatang?
Rick: Well, Tang in China means place and is also a reference to the Tang dynasty, which is often cited as the golden age of cosmopolitan China. Boom means Boom. So together, Boomatang, is a cultural place that goes BOOM!

Nick: What a snappy name and good implications indeed! Now more and more people in Fuzhou came to know about it, but probably not much about your blog site..
Rick: Right, boomatang.asia is a blog site my friend has made with some video and pictures of the making of the skate ramp. The videos are in You tube so i don’t know if you will be able to see them.

Nick: I can, through VPN. And as Chinese, I am wondering if any one here approached you about a concern for the Boomatang logo, which features the natinal flag and crimson lips and tounge?
Rick: I know what you mean. I haven’t really had anyone disagree on that yet, but I did hear the same concern. I want to take this opportunity to share just a bit of background behind the logo. It is inspired by the rolling stones logo. The original artwork of the Rolling Stones lips and tongue is one of the world’s most instantly recognisable symbols of rock and roll – is in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum. I wanted it to be a bit punk, i don’t mean any disrespect.

Nick: I am a bit surprised though, that nobody disagreed, but I guess that’s another example for more openness and development in the cultural front.
Rick: Yeah, definitely want to keep them on our side.

Nick: You know we ran Boomatang for a couple days already. It appears that some of your origianl fears did come true. The main problem has been the weather….
Rick: Indeed. I have heard that the ramp is not doing so well in Fuzhou’s tropical climate, i hope to return before the end of the year to repair it.

Nick: You know I want to know details.
Rick: Well, to repair it i think I need to redo the ramps skating surface, the wood I selected was the best I could find. They said it was special Indonesian tropical wood I expect at least a years use out of it, but ultimately it was just not strong enough for skateboarding and out door use. The best solution is to import a special skating boarding surface from America which is perfect but very expensive. We can try cover it in concrete or fibre glass which comes with some complications as I have not found anyone that has tried this method before, its a cheep long term solution if it works. We can also try marine ply sourced in China but its difficult for me to make contact with some of these suppliers and its not a full proof longterm solution. I will keep researching solutions, trying to keep them as economical as possible. When i come back to fix it, I will probably only have a week, so all systems have to be in place. To be open with you, i will do what it takes to make this ramp usable for the long term and the cost might be quite high. But it’s my responsibility to make it work and I’m happy to pay. Fuzhou has given so much to me, and this is a small way to repay the city I love.

Nick: Can you put together a budget? And we will see what we can do. We all love the city, and it’s the reason why we are making this expat site.
Rick: I will put together a budget, but i wont really know until I get there to assess the damage. The ramp cost about 20 000 + rmb to build. Shaoyuan paid 10 000 rmb I paid the rest.

Nick: They should give you an ethical title they have, like a Good Citizenship award, considering the financial cost you covered, and days and nights of efforts you put in it.
Rick: Thank you man. Boomatang is for Fuzhou.


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