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Foreign Student’s Pushing Fuzhou Policeman Goes Viral
July 13, 2019

On July 9th, a foreign man riding an electric bicycle was stopped by a traffic policeman at an intersection in Gulou for doubling violations.  He shoved and bucked the police officer multiple times demanding return of keys.  The policeman was chased away calling in reinforcements.  The drastic scene gave rise to public outrage on the spot and the violator was arrested after the ruckus.

Fuzhou PSB later announced in a statement that the foreign man had been published accordingly prior to, however, being released with no charges.  Apparently the policy bureau only demands writing of a ‘self-criticism’ confession and involvement of his visa sponsor per the statement.

The foreigner’s row with police happened to be filmed by a witness and the video went viral on social media across China, sparking widespread outrage and concerns of the ‘preferential treatment’ rendered by the authority towards foreigners that was seemingly evidenced in the handling of the incident.

Three days later,  the man’s visa sponsor – the international office of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University released the man’s first name and nationality to the public and announced administrative punitive measures.

5 Responses
  1. 1. We must obey traffic laws so we won’t face problems.

  2. The student did something wrong in fighting the police. It would be better if he could just talk in a calm way so
    so as not to ruin his name in public.

  3. If you are a foreigner in a place, you should be twice as careful in what you do and obey the law so they will respect you as well.

  4. The foreigner student should be taught a proper lesson so that others do not imitate what he has done wrong.

  5. Why wasn’t he punished for pushing the police? He should be expelled from the school he attended and sent him back to his country.

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