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Fudao – 12 mile Treetop Walkway in Fuzhou
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January 13, 2019

Inspired by Alexandra Arch & Forest Walk in Singapore, Fuzhou government decided to build something similar, but in greater scale and length, to our dear city of banyan trees. The man-made wonder was named Fudao, meaning ‘trail of fortunes’. Legend had it that a donkey caravan, instead of all the heavy machinery, was employed to transport building materials in order to minimize the impact to the nature during its construction from 2015 to the end of 2017. Since its opening to the public, Fudao has been gaining popularity among locals and visitors alike due to its treetop experience unlike any before.

Fudao spans across a length of a 19 kilometer (12 miles) elevated pedestrian walkway starting from Guoguang Park (国光公园) or around Zuohai Park (左海公园) depending on which end you delve into the wonder.  The unique trail has opened a gateway to the hidden gem of  natural lushness of the city. Designed by Singapore based LOOK Architects, this forest trail connects the undulating landscape of Jinniushan Mountain(金牛山) and Meifeng Hill (梅峰) with the public and provides a convenient entry.

The visitors could check the city hustle at each of the 10 entrances and go on an exploratory journey through the hilly terrain, and one would be awed by the scenery when mounting on the viewing deck, or venturing into a beautiful pond that strikes the foreground.

Travel guide:

Fudao closes at 6pm. Visitors are advised to start hiking from any of its entrances available, as the walkway allows for two direction traffic, by 4.30 pm to avoid disappointment. The Walkway is designed to have 10 different entrances, and 6 of them are ready to use, each with unique and eye-catching features such as the grand 24-meter-wide spiral ramp at the entrance of the existing Jinniushan indoor sports hall. Built with a gentle gradient, the elevated walkway is punctuated with amenities that include rest shelters, viewing decks, observation towers, and tea houses with bathrooms. The structure is also equipped with WIFI connectivity, touch-screen information boards, and visitor traffic monitors, giving the project the potential to set a new bar for China’s Eco-routes.

Also remember Fudao is currently not pets friendly and water/beverages are not that easy to come by once you get up there.

More popular entrances

Entrances (and their taxi friendly names in mandarin)


Entrance 1-10

Entrance 1: next to/north of Xiangshan Tunnel, on W. 2nd Ring Road

Entrance 1: West 2nd Ring Road, Entrance 3: Intersection of Makeng Road and Meifeng Road, (the other) Entrance 3: Intersection of Meifeng Road and Makeng Zhilu Road, Entrance 5: Liangcuo Road

Entrance 3:  Head west for about5 minutes from the intersection of Meifeng Road and Makeng Road,  OR from the intersection of Meifeng Road and Makeng Zhilu Road.
梅峰路福道入口 (梅峰路与马坑路, 或 马坑支路交叉口)
Entrance 5: on Liangcuo Road
梁厝路福道入口 (金牛山体育公园) *this is Jinniushan Sports Park. Please do not confuse it with Jinniushan Park.
Entrance 7: on Honggan Road
洪甘路福道入口 (原西客站附近)


Recommended Routes:

Route 1: Access from Entrance 3 and exit from Entrance 5, or the other way around, estimated completion time: 1.5 to 2 hours
Route 2: Full length of Fudao – Access from Entrance 1 and exit from Entrance 6 (or 7), or the other way around, estimated completion time: 3 to 4 hours
Route 3: Access from Entrance 5 and turn back at the glass bridge, estimated completion time: 45 min
Route 4: Access from Entrance 3 and follow a westward walk to reach the highest point before turning back, estimated completion time: 1 hour or more

*The 24-meter-wide spiral ramp is at Entrance 5
The arbitrarily most photogenic spot featuring the duck ponds is at Entrance 3
The signature serpentine section appears around/to the west of Meifeng Hill Park (梅峰山地公园)
The highest point is halfway between Entrance 3 and 5

Opening Hours:

7:30am – 6:00pm, Summer
7:30am – 5:30pm, Winter

*there’s a plan to extended opening hours to night time

Image by Zhou Yue Dong. The Duck Pond, near Entrance 3

image by Zhou Yue Dong, the 24-meter-wide spiraling ramp, @Entrance #5, or the Jinniushan Sports hall entrance


P.S.  Fudao received President’s Design Award 2018 in Singapore

China Fuzhou Jin Niushan Trans-Urban Connector Fudao

Architect/Urban Designer
LOOK Architects Pte Ltd

Enabling Economic Transformation
Raising Quality of Life
Advancing Singapore Brand, Culture and Community
Making Ground-breaking Achievements in DesignOnce an obstacle in the city of Fuzhou, the mountains of Jin Niu Shan have been transformed into a network of connections. The Fuzhou Jin Niu Shan Trans-Urban Connector (Fudao) (福州金牛山森林步道) weaves through the historical Chinese city’s mountainous hinterland like a dragon in the sky.


China Fuzhou Jin Niu Shan Trans-Urban Connector, otherwise known simply as Fudao, is an urban-scale project that activates a once inaccessible part of the city. It has transformed a physical barrier into a series of vibrant social spaces along the 19-kilometre stretch and provides people in the region with an urban relief in the dense cityscape.

The design is sensitive and intimate. An innovative modular construction system minimised the construction footprint to retain the natural vegetation. The lightweight steel elements retreat into the lush background and allow the surrounding nature to take centre stage. There is a sense of lightness created by the rhythmic placement of the steel elements on the walkway. Universal design features ensure inclusiveness for everyone.

Fudao is a thoughtful design that is well-executed and integrates into its surrounding greenery. The Jury acknowledges how the project has rejuvenated the area and established a connection between the undulating mountain landscape and the city. This has drawn people into the delight of a lush, natural and green environment and put Fuzhou on the world map.


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