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Fujian Tianxin Loses Away Game to Anhui Hefei (Round #8)
May 20, 2018
Fujian 0, Hefei 2, Game Day 19th May, 2018

Fujian Tianxin is off to a shaky start in the game on Saturday May 19.  Only 2 minutes into the opening, Zewen Chen, a striker on the opposing team intercepts an innocuous-looking pass from defensive back Kaifang Jin and converts it to Hefei’s first goal with a powerful shot.  Fujian is able to organize some consistent attacks in the first halve but fails to score.   At 77th minute, an opponent forward drives down the side-line before centering the ball, and the Tianxin goalkeeper fumbles and fails to hold down the pass.  Another opponent forward appears in the ball’s path and kicks it into the net with ease, widening Hefei’s lead 2:0, which is the final score.  Before the game, Anhui Hefei failed to win any of their six recent games. To Fujian Tianxin, this is their 3rd loss in the last 4 games. On the standings,  Fujian Tianxin falls to 9th place after the loss in Group B (South Division) on Yi League, or League Two.

On May 26, Fujian Tianxin will be facing off Zhenjiang Huasa (Rank 3rd after Round 8) at 4:00 pm on Tianxin’s home court (Fujian Sports Center, 310 Wusi Road, Fuzhou).

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