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Fuzhou Knife Attack Left 1 Dead and 19 Injured
January 15, 2019
Image by Sina.com

Disclaimer: The story is a strict translation of the news report on Fznews.com, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information in the news article.  Original report in Chinese can be found at http://news.fznews.com.cn/dsxw/20190115/5c3d25516c188.shtml 

A man went on a stabbing spree on the night of January 14, 2019 at Jinshan area of Fuzhou. According to fznews.com own source,  the suspect was identified a 48-year-old man surnamed Hou, who allegedly killed the boyfriend of his ex-wife around 8:30 pm last night, before fleeing the scene and starting knifing randomly whoever he chose on his way.  It’s reported the first victim was an e-bike rider, whose bike was jacked after being stabbed around Hongjiang Rd.. The stabbings then escalated when Hou somehow moved to the nearby Pushang Avenue and sought revenge on another 18 people on the streets.  According to reports, he went missing after jumping off the Pushang Bridge and the local law enforcement are going all out in pursuit of the suspect.

As of 5:40 am today,  one (who’s presumably the boy-friend of his ex) died in the attack and 18 were injured but treated in addition to another one who is still in life threatening condition.

Several task forces manned by members of the local government are making every effort to coordinate medical treatment, case investigation and other relevant responses.

Where Hongjiang Road and Pushan Avenue is at

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