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Fuzhou Man Charged for Assault after Alleged Samaritan Act
February 21, 2019
Mr. Yu Zhao, 22

On Feb 17, a Weibo post went viral online on Chinese social media in which a Fuzhou man, named Yu Zhao, detailed the grievances he received from local law enforcement after allegedly performing a  Good Samaritan act.  The post was re-posted 608 thousand times on Weibo alone as of today, and it soon became one of the hottest topics in the whole nation.

Mr. Zhao accounted that he heard commotion and cries of ‘rape’ from downstairs on the night of Dec 26th and went to check, only to find a man (later identified as Hua Li) beating a woman (named Guolv Zou) in the hallway outside her flat.  Mr. Zhao wrote, seeing this, he stepped up and tried to break them apart, when Hua Li turned to attack him.  Yu Zhao fought back and in the tussle one kick landed on Hua Li’s belly which caused bowel rupture, that generated a 50,000 rmb hospital bill and was later verified as a second degree injury in Chinese forensic evaluation system.  Yu Zhao was taken in custody on Dec 29 on charges of intentional assault and spent the following 14 days in a detention center before being bailed out by his girlfriend.

Ms. Zou said in an interview with local Fuzhou TV that Hua Li knocked her out and attempted to remove her clothes. Hua Li was in full denial of the sexual assault allegations, and said he previously knew Ms. Zou and accused Yu Zhao of being the assailant when he was just ‘hanging out’ at Zou’s place after drinking with her on the night of Dec 26th.

Despite Yu Zhao’s outcry and mounting sympathy from the public, the Jin’an District PSB transferred the case to Jin’an District Procuratorate on downgraded charges of negligent assault on the night of Jan 20.  Within a few hours, District Procuratorate reviewed the case and made a ruling part of which reads as follows–

Yu Zhao was exercising his right of defense of others, but at one point went beyond reasonable force, which caused severe injury to Hua Li.  In consideration of the fact that Yu Zhao’s involvement effectively dismantled the illegal threat posed by Hua Li, it’s decided that Yu Zhao will not be prosecuted, to uphold social morality and encourage Samaritan acts to spread.’

In a response found on Weibo today, Yu Zhao’s attorney said the ruling cleared Yu Zhao of criminal responsibility, but on the other hand seemed to affirm Hua Li’s grounds for suing for civil compensation.  Yu Zhao responded that the ruling was wrong again and he’s planning to appeal the court decision.

It’s noticeable there’s no mentioning of the attempted rape allegation in the ruling and the public are demanding a response from local police.  Fuzhou Jin’an District PSB said in a statement that Ms. Zou worked in a nightclub, where she got to know Hua Li as a guest since last October, and the police confirmed they had launched an investigation into the assault allegations against Hua Li, who had been confined to his residence by the authority due to his health condition.


4 Responses
  1. In my opinion, Mr. Yu Zhao’s decision to fought against Hua Li was a sign of a good Samaritan. What he did was self-defense. If he did not respond to the call for the help of Guolv Zou, perhaps she would get harm or might be raped.

    • Yes, that’s true. If Mr. Yu Zhao did not immediately respond to help, perhaps Ms. Zou would get raped or harmed by Hua Li.

  2. I appreciate what Mr. Yu Zhao did, because if he did not immediately respond to help Ms. Guolv Zou, probably she would severely be harmed, or get rape or worst, she might lose her life. Even if Ms. Zou worked in a nightclub, but still she deserved to be treated well like any other woman here on earth.

  3. For many of us, we are usually afraid to respond or help in cases like this. If we see a situation like this, we either call the police or not to interrupt because we are afraid that our life will be put in danger. But Mr. Yu Zhao did not afraid, he immediately helped the woman who was in danger. He is truly a brave man.

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