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Fuzhou Orders Night-time Fireworks Ban as Holiday Nears
January 26, 2019

Fuzhou Fireworks Control Office has recently issued regulations on the use of fireworks as Spring Festival gets around the corner.  Per the code, the use of fireworks at night-time is prohibited in the City proper – including the entirety of Gulou, Cangshan and Taijiang Districts as well as most areas of Jin’an and Mawei Districts.  The ban is to be observed from 10 pm through 6 am during a broader holiday period of Jan 29th – Feb 19th. However, the Spring Fest Eve and Day (Feb 4th & 5th) are exempt from the late hours ban in light of holiday spirit and Chinese tradition. The Code also imposes certain size limits on the fireworks products, e.g. setting off chain bangers which comprise more than 200 shots, and fireworks that exceed display height limit (3 meters or 10 feet) constitutes violation of the fireworks code.  Violators are subject to a penalty fine of 100 RMB to 500 RMB. Generally these regulations are a repeat of what Fuzhou had in place for last year, and seem to have become slightly more restrictive in terms of the length of  the night ban.

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