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Fuzhou–Pingtan Railway Slated to Debut in Fall 2019
April 12, 2018
Fuzhou–Pingtan Railway Slated to Debut in Fall 2019

The rail link between Fuzhou and Pingtan is in full swing and is expected to open for traffic in September 2019.  The construction of the railway started in October 2013.  Upon completion, the railway will excitingly reduce the travel time between Fuzhou and Pingtan to merely 30 minutes, weaving the beautiful coastline of Pingtan Island into the fabrics of Fuzhounese (and expats) lifestyle.

The railway line stretches 88.4 kilometers, and is designed to operate exclusively high speed trains running at 160 km per hour from Fuzhou to Fuzhou South, and 200 km per hour for the remaining length calling at Changle,  Changle East, Songxia and Pingtan.

The Airport will not be one of stops on the line, but the distance between the airport and one of the stations, Changle East, will be covered in a matter of few minutes.

A magnificent double level bridge is being constructed across the Haitan Straits spanning 11.5 km in length. It’s going to be the very first cross strait expressway-railway bridge in China. There will be a two-way six-lane highway on the upper level and a double-track railway on the lower level.

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