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Fuzhou Rugby Team – The Future (Part 3)
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January 11, 2014

Whilst the team started off with 3 players, and since has had many people join and leave, and will continue to do so, especially with the nature of peoples work and contract lengths, Anderson is still keen to make the team bigger ad play more matches against larger teams within China. He is keen for the team to progress and take their hobby of rugby to the next step, though this would be hard. The team is not sponsored or publically funded. The members have to pay for their own kit and travel, but now and in the future they are looking for sponsors of the team, which would help greatly in any future plans.

At present however, Anderson is keen to make rugby more widely known and played. He has started working with the middle school to teach touch rugby to a number of students, and then after they have learnt, and there is other students with an interest t learn to teach them. And not only is he working with the middle school, but also with the university, in the aim of setting up a university team, and an actual rugby pitch there. At the moment, the team trains on a football pitch, which has obvious draw backs. Rugby pitches have different markings which include the try line, the 5 meter line, 15 meter line, actual rugby posts for drop goals and conversions, and other such features, which are not present on a football pitch. Should Anderson be successful in securing such a ground, it would surely make rugby training a lot easier to conduct but also to follow, the players being given visual cues, and not just trying to have to imagine it. It would also further their skill training, especially with kicking, a vital skill for conversion of tries, clearing, and drop goals.

This would all be made a lot easier with help from a financial backer.

Why should you invest in rugby?

Many people could pose this question for a number of sports, and ask people to invest within them, but rugby should be considered. Firstly, it is a sport which doesn’t promote individualism, but a team spirit, getting members to work as a team, to respond as a team and to play as team. This is a key skill in almost all that we do in life.

l         It is a gentleman sport, and as such does not promote hooliganism or aggression amongst fans, which is normally seen is some other team sports.

l         It is an international sport, and would help China to play on the international level, and Rugby has also been introduced in to the Rio Olympics as a sport, which shows the general direction that the sport is taking. Many other countries will in turn start to play it, so why shouldn’t China?

l         It is also a hobby that focuses on fitness and being healthy, which is never a bad thing.

So for these reasons most people should invest in Rugby, if not money, then their time and energy in enjoying and playing the sport. They would always be welcomed within the team, and Anderson and Eichi would be more than willing to talk to anybody about Rugby.


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