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Fuzhou to Add Direct Train Service to Guangzhou in July
June 13, 2018

China will update its national train operation diagram from July 1st, 2018 in order to bring more routes and efficiency to the rail network. The highlight for Fuzhou residents will be an addition of direct trains to Guangzhou – the capital city of neighboring Guangdong province. A ride from Fuzhou to Guangzhou will take exactly 6 hours and vice versa.
The new G1609 Train will depart Fuzhou Station every morning heading towards Guangzhou and call at 6 stops before reaching its destination –


Station                      Arr.      Dep.       Stoppage
Fuzhou                      —       08:16            —
Xiamen North           09:53   09:59        6 min.
Chaoshan                11:23   11:26         3 min.
Puning                     11:51    11:53        2 min.
Houmen                   12:39   12:41        2 min.
Shenzhen North       13:35   13:40        5 min.
Humen                     13:57   13:59        2 min.
Guangzhou South    14:16    —

The return train (Guangzhou -> Fuzhou) will be departing Guangzhou at 3:01 pm every day. Prices for Business Class, First Class and Second Class tickets will be RMB 994, RMB 523.5 and RMb 339 respectively.
Despite the convenience, there’s only one schedule of train linking up the two cities directly from July. A transfer at Shenzhen North will continue to provide flexibility in terms of timing for passengers to travel from Fuzhou to Guangzhou, as there are 20+ schedules of trains going down daily to Shenzhen.

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