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Fuzhou to Kick Start Household Waste Recycling Program
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May 13, 2018
Garbage Separation Program

On Thursday,  residents of Shuxiang Dadi (书香大第) in Gulou area noticed 4 smart-looking garbage cans down at their apartment buildings: one each for metallic waste, paper, PET and glass.  Waste outside these categories apparently need to go to the ‘traditional’ garbage can nearby.  A couple of company staff members were giving hands-on instruction on how to use these smart cans.  At Shuxiang Dadi,  each household is assigned a unique QR code which can be scanned to log the weight of the recyclables they deposit.  Recorded weight is calculated into credit as per some kind of formula, and the credit earned could be swapped for gifts on a gift-dispensing machine right next to the smart cans.  For example, 1 kg of paper is equal to 120 credit and 1 kg of PET bottles equals 150 credit in the system, and the credits translate into choices of various gift items. The garbage separation/recycling program is part of the 2018-2020 Action Plan on Household Waste Sorting and Reduction, launched by FZ Municipality Management Commission. Mr. Tan Lin, the director of the Commission said –

We test-ran a few ideas in a handful of Xiaoqu’s, universities and government offices last year, and we decided to move ahead with the solution provided by CTYI, an industry leader specializing on sorted garbage equipment/solutions.

Fuzhou Expat learned that all of Gulou district will be the pilot to embrace the sorted garbage program as early as the coming July, and the whole municipality will catch up on it sometime in 2019.  The goal set by 2018-2020 Action Plan is to reduce waste by 35 per cent, and to have 95 per cent of the entire household waste volume classified by the end of 2020.  ‘The new separation system not only helped transform more waste into reusable resources, it also increased citizens’ awareness of the garbage issue.’ Mr. Lin said.

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