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Local Authority Launched Campaign to Regulate Taxi Industry
April 12, 2018
Regulate Taxis

Traffic Police and Road Safety Department convened a cross department meeting on April 11 to launch a campaign to regulate the taxi industry in Fuzhou.  An across-department task force, comprising personnel from these two is created to lead the campaign.

The regulation aims at crack downing illegal practices found on official and individual taxis.  Traffic Police are required to take a more proactive approach to spotting and correcting such behaviors as ‘not using the meter’, ‘forcing carpooling’, ‘refusing to take passengers’ and ‘taking the long way around’ and ‘reckless driving’ etc..  The campaign is planned out in three phases, with the first phase spanning from April 1st to May 31st and the last phase ending on December 31st.  In the first stage, the task force will keep a closer eye on the transportation hubs, such as bus/train terminals and airport.  A considerable amount of plain clothes policemen will be deployed at the mentioned areas to catch offenders.  Police also pledged increased efforts to take more unlicensed taxis off the road.  Also a larger presence of police is expected in rush hours, when the need for taxis rises significantly.

The general public are encouraged to report to the task force, who promise feedback on 100% of complaints.  The first-time offenders in the regulation period, once offence evidenced and confirmed, will be revoked of license for 90 days. Repeated offenders will be suspended from the industry for a total of 36 months.

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