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Zoo-goers Stoned Kangaroo to Death at Fuzhou Zoo
April 28, 2018
Kangaroo enclosure, Fuzhou Zoo

On April 19th, Fuzhou Zoo released to the public a health status report of their enclosed animals, which showed multiple kangaroos were attacked by visitors, resulting in one killed and another injured since end of February.

The Zoo stated a 12-year-old female kangaroo died two days after being victimized from at least one visitor’s pelting rocks around 10:30 am on February 28th.  A veterinarian named Xiaoli Chen from the zoo confirmed the attack was first spotted by a male zookeeper.  He noticed several rocks being chucked to the marsupial enclosure when tending animals indoor. Apparently someone attempted to get the sleeping kangaroos to hop around. Then he went out trying to identify the culprit(s) from some visitors but no one owned up.  Presumably no one offered to provide evidence of what/whom they saw either.

It’s immediately observed that the kangaroo had her left toe severely injured, and the vet hooked it to IV drip among other treatment.  But two days later, it died suddenly from profuse kidney bleeding.  Anatomy suggested the bleeding was caused by the injuries from the rocks.  Just a few weeks later, a 5-year-old male kangaroo received the same type of mistreatment. It survived.

Fuzhou Zoo is lobbying for more fund to increase the number of high-def CCTV cameras around all enclosed areas to deter future offenders.  The zoo also plans to stuff and display the dead kangaroo to hopefully educate zoo goers.


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