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Minjiang Park
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April 22, 2017

By Amanda Sinclair

One of the important features of Fuzhou is the Min River (Min Jiang in Pinyin) that runs through the city, and causes the city to break up and create a separate island in the middle of the city. The Min River is a life source to many people, offering a variety of fish for locals to catch, and for restaurants, a source of entertainment for those that swim in the river, or sail on the river (especially over the Dragon Boat Festival where the festivities are water based), and offers a charm and beauty to the otherwise commercial and industrial city.
The Min River Park (Minjiang Park) is not what we would conventionally term a park, but rather a long stretch of path with grass on one side, and not far away on the other side the banks of the river. However, in some places it does open up and there are larger spaces with statues and areas where you can fly kites with children, dance in the morning and the evening, and places to sit on benches.
There are also a few small beaches where you can go to play in sand, and the children can play on the play grounds. There are walks, on both side of the river that offer beautiful views of the opposite side and skyline, and numerous parks and statues. It is a great place to take a relaxing walk by yourself, with friends or even with your dog. I will warn you though – beware of the mosquitoes!
The Min River itself has three tours (leaving at 7:00pm, 8:00pm and 8:45pm) each night that you can take, each lasting an hour, and enables you to board a boat and sail up and down the Min River and just taking in the skyline and sights at night. The first tour leaves at 19:00 and returns at 20:00 when the second tour departs and it goes on.*
Both the tour and the ‘beaches’ are located on the northern bank of the river, the side with the city centre on it, and as such, it is also lined with restaurants and bars. There are a number of cuisines to choose from, and all offer an outside seating area, so you can eat and relax, whilst taking in the views, which can be truly spectacular.
If you want to walk all along the Park area, this could take a couple of hours, so I advise you to take water, or else just relax along the route at one of the many bars and restaurants to keep hydrated, and to fully enjoy the experience.

More information (info of 2019) about Min River Cruise:
  1. Ticket Price of Min River Cruise: 100 RMB/Person  (Some tourism websites offer discounted tickets up to 30% off, e.g. Mafeng, Xinxin)

2. Call (0591) 968907 for information, or to book your seat before 5pm for the cruise on the day.  No English service is available apparently.

3. Embark at Taijiang Ferry at the end of Wuyi Rd, and behind (south of) the big Yuanhong Mall.

Min River parks shaded in deep green


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