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Parade Float Comes to Fuzhou
November 28, 2018
4th Maritime Silk Road Tourism Festival

Floats, performers, marching bands, mascots ..  they have it all at the parade float as the opening event to kick start the 4th Maritime Silk Road Tourism Fest from Nov. 30th to Dec. 31st.  The parade float is going to hit the road at 7 pm on Friday. A selection of themes revolving maritime silk road, tourist attractions in Fujian, local cultural heirlooms will be on display on a fleet of 16 floats.  10 performer teams, 2 of which are manned by performers from overseas, are set to bring in dances, stunts, magic shows, Harley Davidson motorcycles procession in addition to a marching band. The parade route will start from Flower Sea Park (花海公园),  cruise westwards past Aofeng Bridge,  turn around at Sansheng Bogong (三盛铂宫) and go back.  The whole route (one way) is around 3 km in length.  Traffic will be regulated and blocked from entering the parade area from 1 p.m. on Friday.  The closest metro station to the west end of the parade is at Shangteng (上滕), which is 1.9 km away.  Other activities in relation to the Tourism Fest include fairs and performances at Fuzhou Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center (福州海峡会展中心) Nov 30- Dec 8, and a Food Fest at Daming Road (达明路) from Dec 8 – 14th.

Parade Route and it’s Location in Relation to Downtown Fuzhou

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