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Pocket Brewery Launched Homebrew Beer Class
April 29, 2018
Pocket Homebrew Beer Class

The first day of Labor Day holiday (April 29- May 1) saw the launch of Pocket Beer School, delivered physically at Pocket Brewery in Jinshan and by brew master Shihai Sun hands-on. There were office workers, college students etc, all drawn in here for the common love for craft beer. Shihai had all covered with tons of information about beer and the class.  A British ale was what the group looked to brew for their first brew day. Many had the chance to lay their hands on all the grinders, muslin bags, kegs and other rigs.

Nick Deng, one of the class-goers said, ‘I came, I brewed and I drank.  It feels so interesting to stand on the other side of the craft beer industry – from a patron to a brew master. The class is extremely helpful and lots of fun.  The wait involving the mashing/brewing process might be a bit long, but you don’t feel that way too much with a beer in your hand and people around to talk to. ‘
A total of 20 liter or so wort is in fermentation and will be ready to quell your thirst in roughly three weeks’ time.  Pocket will give out the final ale to all the class goers today – for free.  From April 2018 on, Pocket will launch a monthly Beer Class, shooting at one particular style at one time.  Subscription is free so far.

Brew for the Day
Style:British Ale
Malt weight.: 3.5kg Base Malt +  .5kg Biscuit Malt
Batch Size: 15L
OG: 16°P

FG: 12°P
Hops: Cascade, 100 g, at 0/45th/90th min
Yeast : Lallemand


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