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Shizhu Mountain – Day Trips from Fuzhou (3)
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July 28, 2013
Shizhu Mountain

The porch at the foot of Shizhu Mountain has a width of 29 meters and a depth of 6 meters. It has 16 stone pillars engraved with flowers. Its roof is decorated with yellow glazed tiles. The top of the eaves are engraved with the design of “two dragons playing with the pearl”, which is filled with national characteristics.

Shizhu Temple (shí zhú sì 石竹寺) is situated on the cliff of the hillside. It is one of the major scenic spots of Shizhu Mountain scenic area. It was a temple mainly devoting to Taoism and had Confucianist mixtur. Shizhu Mountain is mainly composed of Jiuxian pavilion (jiǔ xiān gé 九仙阁), Yuhuang pavilion (yù huáng gé 玉皇阁), the Hall of Earth (tǔ dì tīng 土地厅), the Palace of Goddess of Mercy (guān yīn dà shì diàn 观音大士殿), Ziyun Building (zǐ yún lóu 紫云楼), the Temporary Palace of Jade Emperor (yù huáng háng gōng 玉皇行宫), the Palace of Great Sorrow (dà bēi diàn 大悲殿).

Shizhu Mountain is always famed for “elegant than the Drum Mountain”. There are plenty of unique rocks and profound holes in the mountain, such as Purple Cloud Hole, Heaven Hole, Exceedingly High Hole, the Hole of Sun and Moon, the Platform of Picking Star, the Dragon Nest, the Craneshadow Stone, the flying stone, the Stone of Mandarin Duck, the stone of Chessboard, the Stone of Turtle and Snake, the Stone of Pantao.

Location: Honglu County (hóng lù zhèn 宏路镇)
Transportation: Take bus to Honglu County at Fuzhou bus station (fú zhōu qì chē zhàn 福州汽车站)
Opening hours: 8:00-16:00
Adminssion: CNY 10

Shizhu Mountain – Day Trips from Fuzhou (3)

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